Realized projects

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Lusiton TL is a freight forwarding service provider. We have developed a landing page web platform for the given client. The client needed a page on which to place all his services, type of activity and contact details. The platform has an integrated contact form, map, package of 3 languages: En - Ru - RO. 1 designer - 1 developer full stack (Javascript - Laravel) - 1 project manager worked on the project.

Go to: http://www.lusiton.com

PV - SmartHydroisolation

Here we have a client from Israel who contacted us with the need to create a business / corporate site platform. Has been developed:

  • a custom design (animations, pops, carousel)
  • logo


Go to: http://www.pv-el.co.il


Carter is a mobile application designed to manage a Smart House. This application contains a number of functions, but its basis is the access from the application to all electronic elements in the house such as sockets, various sensors, conditioners, stove, front door and others. All these elements have been combined into one application. The pictures show how the temperature changes in the house, the humidity level in the house and other processes. The project was worked on for 6 months, the application was written on React Native - Frontend (1 developer) and Node.js - Backend (1 developer), 1- Web Designer - 1 Project Manger - 1 Software Architect. The project was developed for the client, it was to produce hardware resources on which to integrate the given application.

The electronic register of Covid-19 patients

The electronic record of patients with Covid-19 is a web platform developed for hospitals and the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Moldova. Within the platform, our team created the patient's electronic file, which contains information about the patient's health and condition (personal data, medical data, etc.).



STOP ALLERGIE is the first allergological platform in the Republic of Moldova, developed by iShunea Tech Solutions. Its purpose is to prevent allergy symptoms, predict them, inform patients about the risks and treatment of allergies, centralize allergists in the country and their offices, and schedule allergy testing at specialized laboratories.



Register of biopreparations in Biobank

The biospecimen record register within the Biobank is the first platform of this type developed in Moldova. The biobank is responsible for the collection and preservation of human biological material for scientific research purposes, and all information records are centralized in the software developed by the iShunea team. The purpose of the platform is to store the medical information of donor samples in electronic format, etc.